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Director. Motion Designer. Photographer.

My passion is deeply rooted in telling empathetic, character-driven stories, and exploring different visual styles and mediums to tell them in.

I’ve been fortunate to ride a wild career amongst the best studios and artists in the world in a variety of roles: from leading and staffing teams, optimizing pipeline and workflow, previsualizing CG commercials, directing award-winning films, and starting a commercial and entertainment development studio to develop a slate of animated shows.

In 2015, I co-founded ROYGBIV: where I was actively involved in the developing a small slate of animated projects, including 'Aiko'. From there, I co-directed the Annie-nominated ‘Legends Never Die’, and the 'Palau Pledge' in 2017 to win the coveted Direct Grand Prix at Cannes where I was ranked top director of 2018.

What free time I do have is dedicated to shooting photography in remote locations while backpacking with my dog Penny, learning new production tools, and writing a science-fiction novel.

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